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10 of Pentacles

A card associated with wealth and legacy, the 10 of Pentacles encourages us to practice gratitude for what we have. If you chose this card, chances are you have questions about your career and wealth. You want more. You want a legacy to leave behind. It can also relate to questions about marriage and building a life with a new partner.

Another aspect of this card can relate to finding your true life’s purpose. They say that when we find our life’s purpose, we never work another day because we’re so in love with what we’re already doing.

Tarot can help you discover your biggest, best and highest vision for your life. When we move from that space, we are naturally magnetic to our desires. We know the right career moves to make. We know how much effort to expend that will result in the highest return on our investment. Tarot can also help us to discern if we’re living our life’s purpose and, if not, what it is we should be doing.

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