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Rebirthing: A tarot spread for Imbolc


After the dark, heavy days of winter, the festival of Imbolc is a breath of fresh air. Celebrated on February 1, Imbolc marks the official start of spring and is a powerful time for calling in the new.

In Ireland, we celebrate St Brigid’s day – a feast day for the Catholic saint, although if you’re au fait with your goddesses you’ll know that Brigid was originally an ancient Celtic goddess who was so beloved by her people, that the church had to make her a saint so the pagans would convert.

This time of year brings us hope. We emerge from the dark, shake off the lethargy associated with the colder weather and we vision for the future, for what wants to be birthed by us as we go forward.

Here is a little spread that I put together to help you rebirth from winter and honour what new life wants to spring forth.

Rebirthing: A tarot spread for Imbolc

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1.       How is your life force energy at this moment in time?

2.       How you can best balance your energy to move forward into spring

3.       What new energies are starting to flow into your life?

4.       What specific thing wants to be birth by you this season?

5.       What seeds do you need to plant in order to bring it to fruition?

6.      A wish to make as the light returns

7.       OPTIONAL: Advice from the goddess Brigid to help you move forward into spring