heart sessions

The heart sessions: Connecting


I never paid that much attention to the heart until a few years ago. In theory, I knew why I had one and why it was there but spiritually? The heart chakra wasn’t as interesting to me as the third eye or the solar plexus. These were places of deep intuition, of visions and power and gut feelings. Why would I waste my time excavating old hurts in my heart chakra when I could spend my time progressing my intuitive insights and anchoring into my power? It seemed like a no-brainer.

My perspective of the heart chakra as this airy-fairy waste of time was changed forever when I started my reiki training a few years ago. As I progressed through each level of training and ultimately received my Master initiation, I started to see the power that the heart truly holds.

Nowadays my opinion of the heart chakra has changed considerably and to be honest? I now consider a strong relationship with this chakra to be the most potent form of empowerment available to us. The heart chakra is an essential part of us. This is that beautiful space where the higher self and the physical body meet – where heaven touches down with earth. It’s such a powerful space. It’s our most valuable asset and is also the one that is most in need of attention, the holding of space and loving care.

As I progressed with my training in Seichem and Magnified Healing and as I delved into meditation I found that all the time I was being led back towards my heart. To this day I am still being led towards it in everything I do.

I believe that an open heart and a strong connection to your heart chakra is an essential tool for navigating this weird, wonderful and sometimes crazy world that we find ourselves in. An open heart makes us strong and compassionate and it allows us to tap into our pure authenticity. Once we rest in the energy of our pure authenticity, we become beacons of light and pure potential. This is where the magic happens. This is the space where we’re empowered to live our purpose and to manifest the most amazing lives possible.

No matter where your heart is right now, no matter how it feels, here’s a little spread that I hope will help you to connect more fully with this chakra, to balance it and give it the healing that it needs so you can flourish.

Connection: A spread for the heart chakra


1. Your heart at present. The current condition of your heart. Look for clues in the imagery of the card. The language of the heart, like the language of intuition, is often symbolic. Can you discern any other messages from this card? Really focus on your heart space while you do this. What do you feel here? What is your heart telling you?

2. What’s causing contraction? A conscious or unconscious issue that’s restricting your heart. This could relate to something that’s currently manifesting in your life, something from the past or even something you experienced in a past life.

3. How to heal this block. Solid advice on how you can work through, integrate and heal this block.

4. What’s causing expansion? This card relates to something that’s helping your heart to open. Something that’s encouraging you to step into your authentic power.

5. How to promote this expansion. How you can continue opening your heart.

6. Your true authentic self. Who you really are, in truth. Where all your power lies. The potential self you have access to when you connect with and embody that potent heart energy.

7. How to connect with and channel this energy. How you can really become this version of yourself.

8. What your heart wants you to know most right now. A secret from your heart. Look here for clues of any self-care that’s needed, any wisdom you need right now or a hint at something you may need to let go of. Again, listen closely to your heart space. It will guide you to the right interpretation for this card.

9. OPTIONAL: Advice from your spirit guides regarding your heart. Words of advice from your team of spiritual helpers.