Lunar eclipse

Full moon in Leo tarotscopes



The full moon appears in the regal sign of Leo on January 21, 2019. A total lunar eclipse, it brings about some much needed change and reawakens our rebellious side. There’s an irresistible upsurge in energy and you may find yourself rebelling against the status quo. Within all change lie the seeds of opportunity and new growth, so the question to ask yourself during this full moon is what change do you desire the most? What new opportunities are beginning to blossom in your life? What obstacles or difficulties are actually leading you to better places?

Whatever we focus on expands and there’s an old saying that energy flows where intention goes. As the full moon rises and the lunar eclipse begins, focus on building the new, creating new spaces for yourself where you leonine characteristics of courage, heart-expansion and self-confidence can unfurl with ease and grace, control and solidity.

Intuitive guidance

Tuning in to the energy of this full moon, I’m guided to the image of the lungs and the heart. The heart is kept safe and protected, restricted in movement. In theory, this level of heavy protection is needed (the heart is a tender thing after all). In practice, holding our hearts in this ‘locked down’ kind of space actually restricts our energy flow. This means we can’t affect the type of change that our hearts, our higher selves, know to be right and we are, on some level, actively craving.

This full moon sheds light on the many ways in which we restrict and hold ourselves back. The message is: Are you willing to break out of this containment/contraction? Are you willing to break free of this self-imposed safety which, in truth, doesn’t actually exist? Are you willing to take the risk and allow your heart to expand beyond whatever limitations you’ve placed there? If the answer is yes, take a deep breath. Feel that expansion in your heart space. Settle in. Allow the new energy, the new space, to grow and dissolve those limitations with love. If emotions rise to the surface, allow them to be expressed. Cry. Scream. Whatever you need to do to release the energy. Trust that you’re being supported as you lean in and touch that authentic part of you. Because you are.

This lunar eclipse marks the beginning of a year of powerful growth. Have courage, like the lion, and don’t be afraid to go to those tender places. The more we dwell in them, the more we integrate them and the more healing we will experience.

Tarotscopes for the full moon in Leo

Deck is the Anima Mundi Tarot by Megan Wyreweden,

Deck is the Anima Mundi Tarot by Megan Wyreweden,

Aries/Aries Rising – Justice
This full moon asks to take a look at your life Aries. In what areas are you completely out of alignment? Something is off and it’s time to take stock and review. Remember, we experience alignment when everything is in integrity and flows. Life isn’t supposed to be hard. Take a deep breath and pay attention to the part that feels ‘off’. You have the opportunity to fix it now and move forward into a state of flow and joy.

Taurus/Taurus Rising – Two of Pentacles
You’re juggling too much Taurus and something is going to give if you don’t slow your roll. The pressure that you’re feeling is the pressure that you’re putting on yourself. Take a breath. Let those juggling balls hit the ground. You don’t have to be everything to everyone. If you’re feeling frazzled, upset or even lonely, use this full moon as a permission slip to give yourself some TLC. There’ll be plenty of time for the hustle in the summer months but for now? Tend to yourself. Drop out of the race and tune in to your heart. There’s no point exhausting yourself for something you’re not even sure you really want. Clarity comes as we approach the Equinox. Chill out till then.

Gemini/Gemini Rising – Three of Pentacles
Whatever you’re struggling with or trying to get done can’t be accomplished alone Gemini. It’s time to suck up your pride and reach out to those people who have been trying to assist you since the get-go of this latest plan or dream. Allow yourself to receive.

Cancer/Cancer Rising – Seven of Pentacles
Pat yourself on the back for a job well done Cancer. You’re about to bear witness to the sheer amount of growth you’ve experienced since last summer. You’ve come a long way baby – don’t be afraid to celebrate that or mark it in whatever way seems fitting. There’s still a ways to go, but don’t worry, you’re in a much better place now. The full moon eclipse brings a new way forward – trust it, no matter how crazy it might seem.

Leo/Leo Rising – Queen of Swords
Your third eye is being lit up like a beacon during this full moon eclipse Leo. It’s a fantastic time to tune in to your intuition. There’s an important message that needs to be downloaded. Make sure you’re open to hear it. If you struggle with meditation, try free-writing without editing yourself. You may be surprised at the potent messages that come through.

Virgo/Virgo Rising – Nine of Wands
Virgo you’re on the cusp of a breakthrough and it’s so imperative that you just hang in there and keep pushing a little bit longer. It will make sense soon, I promise. Whatever it is, just keep going. This is the moment where you need to dig deep. Don’t quit right before the miracle occurs. Oh and by the way, those synchronicities you’ve been experiencing? They’re actually signs from the universe. Tune in and take note. You’re being guided.

Libra/Libra Rising – Three of Swords
Oh Libra, this moon is likely to bring up some deep emotion that’s ripe for healing. Whatever it is, please allow yourself to feel it so you can heal it. Allow it wash over you. Go into it in whatever way is best for you. This is the last time you’ll have to clear it on such a big level. Remember, your guides are with and nothing that arises for healing is ever given to us if we can’t handle it. Breathe, grieve and open your heart. This is where your transformation begins.

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising – Three of Cups
Good news comes your way around this full moon Scorpio and it’s going to be beautiful. Whether it’s an engagement, news of a baby or good news for someone you love (or even yourself), it’s party time. Invest in an amazing outfit, put the champagne on ice and tell your friends to be on standby. Something wonderful is coming.

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising – Nine of Cups
What’s your biggest wish Sagittarius? Whatever it is, you might want to ask the universe for it on this potent full moon. It’s full of magic for you and you don’t want to miss out. Light a candle, take a deep breath and ask for that one thing which makes your heart sing. There’s a very strong chance that you just might get it. Expect the unexpected, but don’t worry, it’s all good.

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising – Seven of Swords
On this full moon lunar eclipse, you’re being asked to watch what you say Capricorn. The Seven of Swords is a card strongly associated with gossip and you’re being asked to remember that your words carry energy and have power behind them. Firstly, make sure your words are in integrity. Don’t engage in gossip or drag down others (what we give out always comes back to us). Secondly, examine how you speak about yourself, your hopes and your dreams. Are you being too critical or cruel? Your words have power. Clean up your words and focus on emphasising only the good. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it and watch how your world expands.

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising – Six of Swords
A period of respite comes for you at this full moon Aquarius. You have the time and the space to rest down your burdens and take a breath. It’s been a tough few weeks, but now is the time to just let go of everything. Your energy levels are likely to be low and your mind may feel ‘heavy’ with hopes and dreams of the future or rumination on the past. Let it all good. Practice some yoga to free up that energy, calm your mind and allow yourself to simply be in the moment. A new phase begins with this full moon. Everything is going to be okay.

Pisces/Pisces Rising – Ace of Swords
Brilliant ideas and perceptions come to you in the light of this full moon Pisces. Your only job is to write them all down and trust in them. The darkness clears and for the first time in weeks you see a clear way forward. Trust in your sight (both physical and psychic). The veil is about to be lifted for you. There’s a strong sense of mediumship here. Pay attention to any departed loved ones who pay a visit in your dreams. They have some solid advice for you that will help you as we move forwards.