Energy report

New moon in Gemini: Energy report

The new moon in Gemini arrives on June 3. A sign of balance, Gemini asks us to nurture ourselves – to find what brings us back into equilibrium and, most importantly, to face whatever aspects of ourselves that we need to face.

A sign commonly associated with communication with others, during this new moon this idea is flipped and we are asked to communicate directly with ourselves. What conversation do you need to have with yourself? Now is the time to speak.


What to release: King of Cups
It’s time to grow up under this new moon. We’re being asked to release all the ways in which we react that no longer serve us. We’re being called to really look at how we react rather than respond, what triggers us? We’re being called to face these triggers, to have the conversation with self, and in facing these less-than-desirable sides of ourselves, we will find emotional maturity and peace.

So under this new moon face your triggers, observe and accept without judgement, and avoid going into fear. Once we see them for what they are, we can work on releasing them and moving forward into a fuller, more authentic and mature expression of our emotions.

Energy coming in: 10 of Pentacles
A welcome card after the turbulence of the past few weeks. As we move into this new moon, the energy coming in is one of abundance and happiness. The 10 of Pentacles speaks to legacy and the building of something that will serve you for years to come. It’s a card associated with abundance and that safety that comes with family, community. This new moon is a fantastic time to count your blessings, to celebrate where abundance, community, family and love lies in your life.

What we focus on expands, so any rituals for this new moon should focus on calling in abundance, security, new community, gratitude. It’s a great time to give thanks for everything that you have and if you’ve been going through it recently, you should find that in the coming weeks things start to soften for you.

It’s also a good time to check in with the things in life that help you to feel solid and secure. Like, for example, your self-care practice. Is it still supporting you? Are there any changes that you need to make? How can it support you more? Remember, a solid foundation births a legacy. Make sure you’re supporting yourself in all ways.