Full moon in Virgo tarotscopes


On February 19 2019 the full moon appears in the earthy sign of Virgo. A super moon, the energies of this full moon will be amplified considerably. Virgo is associated with order and solid foundations and this full moon feels much lighter than the full moon which appeared in Leo last month. We’ve had a solid month of living loudly and tapping into the fierce wisdom of our hearts, thanks to Leo, and now? Now we experience a pause. The emphasis is very much on cleansing away whatever our time in Leo brought to the surface. This is a restrained full moon and purification is highlighted.

As the full moon rises, think about what you can purify in your life right now. What structures no longer feel light or pure to you? What beliefs don’t resonate with your soul? What needs to be released so you can be reborn?

It’s a useful time to focus on the things in your life that want to be released. What is begging you to surrender it? What people, places, things just don’t seem to be working, no matter how hard you try? Can you release them? Can you surrender them to the infinite wisdom of the universe? Can you tap into your courage and release your grip? Can you truly trust the unfolding that’s currently taking place for you? That’s the ultimate question. Remember – whatever you lose comes around again in a different form. And maybe this new form is one that’s better suited to your highest good.

Intuitive guidance

Tuning in to the energy of this full moon in Virgo, I’m guided to the image of a white balloon. The balloon floats into the sky, reminding us just how easy relief can come, how easy healing can come, if we’re willing to let go. This full moon tests our faith and asks us to freely give so we can become truly free. When we surrender a greater intelligence can take over for us. There is no need for us to suffer under these burdens and it’s important to remember that we can be free whenever we want – all we need to do is surrender. By doing this, we release attachment and it’s in this beautiful act of surrender that we can see the bigger picture, that we are reminded of the universe’s creativity and how it can help us once we loosen our grip.

So where are you holding on tightly? This full moon highlights the areas where we need to let go with love so we can continue to grow and we can experience relief. The important message is not to be afraid. Remember whatever we leave empty, grace will fill. You are safe in your surrender. You are powerful in your surrender. You are love in action when you surrender.

Tarotscopes for the full moon in Virgo

Aries/Aries Rising – King of Cups
This full moon stirs your heart Aries, and you’re being called to answer. When was the last time you sat in silence and allowed your heart to speak? Now’s the time to do it and you might want to keep a notebook handy. Some essential wisdom is likely to bubble to the surface for you. Turn inward. Don’t be afraid of what you may find. There is a jewel waiting for you within on this full moon. 

Taurus/Taurus Rising – Seven of Wands
There’s a lesson that the universe has been trying to teach you Taurus, and it’s going to resurface again at this full moon. Unfortunately, it’s going to keep on resurfacing until you face it head on. An example of these reoccurring lessons would be say if you needed to learn how to step into your power and assert yourself. The universe would continually send you confrontations with people in order to encourage you to do so. The more times you give up your power, the more this lesson reappears in your experience. Having to continually face the lesson without learning is exhausting. This full moon is asking you to face it and step into it so you can move on to whatever is next for you. What’s the one thing that keeps coming up for you? What’s the one place in your life that you continually find difficult? Can you spot the lesson there and, more importantly, if you can, can you face it under the light of the Virgo full moon? If the answer is yes, stellar growth awaits for you in this moon cycle. Be brave.

Gemini/Gemini Rising – Page of Pentacles
You’re being called to put your nose to the grindstone Gemini and to really focus on building strong foundations during this moon sign. Virgo loves organisation, order, stability and on this full moon you’re being asked to look at how you can apply these Virgo traits to your own life. Now’s a great time to Marie Kondo your apartment or to finally sit down and file for your tax refunds. Yes, it goes against your carefree nature and yes, it’s likely to be boring as shit but honestly? This will help to settle any restless energy you may be feeling on this full moon and will encourage you to add some more solidity to your daily life. It’s a huge pay off for a few hours or days of diligent work.

Cancer/Cancer Rising – Ace of Cups
Dear Cancer, during this moon cycle you are being called to step away from the care-giver role and to become selfish. We know you have a huge heart. We know of your immense capability for compassion and empathy. But we also know that sometimes you hide your true feelings in order to make other people feel comfortable. We know that sometimes, you allow yourself to suffer just to ease the burden of a loved one. And while this is all admirable, it’s at your own expense. So on this Virgo full moon, my love, you are being called to address your own needs. What do you need right now? Please give to yourself or, if you can’t give it to yourself, please do reach out and ask a loved one for help. Compassion is a beautiful thing, but it loses its value if we’re giving of ourselves and suffering as a result. Compassion needs to be a full-rounded thing. If it doesn’t extend to you? Then it’s not true compassion. This is your permission slip to treat yourself with love and kindness. Go slowly this month little crab and know this: it’s okay to rest. By doing this you’ll ensure that you give bigger and better when the time comes for it. Take care of yourself.

Leo/Leo Rising – Knight of Swords
The energy of the Virgo full moon doesn’t sit well with you Leo. It’s likely to have you feeling out of sorts, restless, unnaturally angry, antsy, agitated. Take a breath and cool your jets. The Knight of Swords is appearing for you as a caution during this moon cycle – please think before you make any moves and do not make decisions when you’re feeling agitated or angry. It’s a fantastic month for expressing your angry or frustration through a creative pursuit. Channel this energy in a positive way through creation whether that’s to do with art or business or investing in your relationships. But just promise yourself that you will give yourself some breathing space when anything is asked of you. Pause, take a breath and then respond. Respond rather than react – that’s your mantra from now until the next full moon. Write it down. Repeat it. It will serve you well.

Virgo/Virgo Rising – The Chariot
The full moon in your sign agrees with you Virgo and it may feel like now is the start of your new year. If things have been feeling slow since January 1 or if you’ve found it hard to get into that whole ‘new year, new goals’ vibe don’t worry. Events are set to pick up major speed during this moon cycle. Mentally, you’re going to be on your game so make sure that you pay attention to all the ideas you receive. The ideas that give you chills? Write them down and start plotting on how you can make them a reality. If it scares you and exhilarates you at the same time, you’ll know that you’re on to a winner. It’s also a great time to book yourself a little trip or to even explore somewhere new. Get out into nature to help you ground and breathe deep. It will be a beautiful moon cycle for you.

Libra/Libra Rising – Page of Wands
Something beautiful is likely to unfold for you over the coming weeks Libra. The Page of Wands brings a new beginning for you and it will be much welcomed. There’s a little spark of happiness that’s just waiting to catch alight and burn, burn, burn. This moon cycle welcome those things that light you up and follow your bliss and pleasure. Life has been far too serious and boring for you lately and this moon cycle you have permission to chase the things that delight you. Make feeling good a priority this moon cycle and see what unfolds. I’m sensing a fresh start. If you’ve been waiting to hear about a job opportunity, a new relationship, whatever it is focus on feeling good and enjoying yourself – the details will take care of themselves. Use your magic to manifest some incredible blessings.

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising – Knight of Cups
The full moon in Virgo hits your heartstrings just right Scorpio (or wrong, depending on your viewpoint). The next few days are likely to stir up a host of feelings. Think nostalgia, childhood hurts or even lingering relationship hurts. You may be feeling extra vulnerable. The message for you this moon cycle is that it’s okay and expressing these feelings will be worth its weight in gold. Often the reason why these old hurts keep surfacing again and again is because they need to be witnessed in order to be healed fully. The more you give yourself the space to notice them, really feel them, another layer is successfully healed and released. Keep doing this practice and soon you may find that they’re just gone like magic. The universe is extending a hand to you Scorpio. As with everything you have a choice here. But if you choose to journey into these feelings, you can expect some potent healing. Make it sacred. Light a candle. Call in those spirit guides who love you unconditionally. Call in your ancestors. Hold space and then whatever arises? Love it enough to witness it, feel it and release it in whatever way is most appropriate for you. Happy healing.

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising – The Hierophant
During this grounded full moon in Virgo, you’re being asked to turn inward Sagittarius. There is a key waiting for you and it’s in your inner worlds. A journey is being presented to you now and trust me, you’re not going to want to miss this opportunity. Get yourself somewhere quiet and meditate or, if you’re so inclined, actively journey. That question that you have? It’s ready to be answered. But you’ll only find the information you seek within. Get ready – some huge revelations are likely to take place. Trust your intuition. Trust your heart. Trust your third eye. Everything is correct.

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising – Ace of Pentacles
A fellow earth sign, this full moon in Virgo will suit you well Capricorn. Financially, it’s also likely to bring some extra abundance your way. This moon cycle is the perfect time to launch that business, invest in that account or upgrade your retirement plan. Take this month to really focus on your money. Remember that money is energy and how you think about it, use it, face it directly impacts this energy. So stop using phrases like ‘I’m broke’ or ‘I can’t afford it’ and instead use the language of abundance. There is always enough to go around. I could afford it if I really wanted it but I’m choosing not to buy it. This is a fantastic moon cycle to bust through any limiting beliefs you have around your ability to make and retain money.

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising – Queen of Cups
The Queen of Cups takes your hand and asks you to trust her Aquarius. You are a deeply intuitive being, but there’s a sense of doubt there. Can you really trust those gut feelings? The answer is yes. They’re providing you with essential information and it would be in your best interest to take notice. Trust your inner guidance. Also, Aquarius, are you guilty of shutting off your heart lately? Under the mentorship of the Queen of Cups this moon cycle, you are being called to open that heart chakra. Do some heart-opening yoga poses or meditate on that beautiful anahata. Once you connect with this energy it will change your life for the better. Open heart, open intuition, open life.

Pisces/Pisces Rising – Nine of Swords
Lovely Pisces, please stop whatever you’re doing right now and take a deep breath. Relax your shoulders. Feel into your body. Be here now. This full moon is likely to stir up some anxieties within you. Things may feel ‘off’ or unsettled. You may be experiencing restless nights. Fear may have dug its icy claws into you. I want you to breathe. Send a silent request to your spirit guides to be with you. Sit down. Breathe again and then focus on your fear. As soon as we can face our fears, our anxieties, they stop being these huge, scary things and we see them for what they really are – a part of ourselves that needs love or care or expression. Dig deep Pisces. What is the root of this fear? And how can you honour this root? Does this root need love, therapy, to remove itself from a toxic place? Only you can answer this. But once you face your fear and find that root and love it, it will serve you. Go gently this moon cycle Pisces. Take your time and support yourself. This is a passing face. Approach with love and you can’t go wrong. This will be transformative for you.