Things I Love Thursday: Big tarot spreads

It’s Thursday and it’s time to give thanks for all the good in the world!

If you’ve been feeling a bit ‘blah’ about life or stuck in a rut I absolutely encourage you to start your own gratitude practice. Make it a date every Thursday. Simply sit down and list everything you’re grateful for. Remember - what we focus on expands. So focus on the good stuff. 

Here are the things that have been making me smile lately…

Long summer evenings ❤️ Having solid alone time to do some ridiculously over-the-top tarot spreads  ❤️ Trying out some new recipes ❤️ Free writing in my journal ❤️ Getting back into a solid meditation practice ❤️ Deep yoga stretches ❤️ Browsing decks over on Bookdepository ❤️ Welcoming in change ❤️ The fact that it will soon be the summer solstice and that, once the solstice is over, we’ll be moving towards my most favourite time of year ever: hello autumn (yes, it’s early and I shouldn’t wish away the summer but I honestly can’t wait) ❤️ Cute dog GIFs ❤️ Making a vision board ❤️ self-compassion ❤️ Getting lost in great books ❤️ Natalia Benson’s Magical Women and Money course.