Things I love Thursday

I’m a huge fan of Gala Darling and have been following her work for years – I even read her cards once and she gave me this fab testimonial:


One of my favourite things about the work Gala does is her focus on the importance of gratitude. Starting a regular gratitude practice honestly changed my life. Every morning I swap gratitude lists with my friend Isabelle via Instagram DM and every evening, I write down four or five things that I’m truly grateful for.

Studies have shown that a consistent gratitude practice helps to improve our relationships, boosts our health and wellbeing, helps us sleep better, encourages the growth of self-esteem and it can even make us more compassionate to ourselves and others.

So, in the steps of Gala, I’m introducing my very own Things I Love Thursday feature. On a Thursday, once or twice a month, I’ll be sharing all the stuff I’m grateful for and loving about life. I’ll also expand this in time to feature articles I’ve loved, Instagram feeds that have been rocking my world and beautiful card decks I’ve come across.

So without further ado, here’s what I’m loving about life right now…

New decks. I’m having an intense love affair with the Empty Cup Oracle by Stasia Burrington right now. I purchased my own copy from Beth over at Little Red Tarot ❤️ Gala Darling’s weekly High Vibe Honey videos (if you ned a positivity boost make sure you check them out and do the tapping - it’s the key to the entire thing) ❤️ Authentic spirituality ❤️ Showing up exactly as you are and allowing vulnerability ❤️ Brighter evenings ❤️ ‘The Night Circus’ by Erin Morgenstern (currently reading) ❤️ Early morning yoga ❤️ Deep breaths ❤️ Finding joy in the simple things ❤️ Saturday morning coffee with my other half ❤️ Catching up with old friends ❤️ Watching the seasons change ❤️ Really trusting that you’re always being guided no matter what and that the universe always has your back ❤️ Getting back into writing fiction ❤️ Continually pushing myself out of my comfort zone (it’s where the growth is baby!) ❤️ Setting new challenges for myself ❤️ Just doing the thing. Even when terrified ❤️ Choosing to see fear as an exciting challenge as opposed to, y’know, just plain old fear.

What are you currently loving and appreciating about life? I would encourage you to spend at least five minutes today jotting down a few things. Remember, everything we appreciate will expand so why not focus on the good stuff?