About me

My journey with tarot began when I was 12 years old and managed to get my hands on my very first deck of tarot cards. As soon as I started shuffling the deck, I had what I can only describe as a bolt of recognition – this wasn’t my first rodeo. Tarot is something that came to me instinctively. Myself and the cards worked well together, we understood each other and it wasn’t long before I was reading for everyone who was willing to sit with me.

I believe that tarot is a tool of empowerment and that it can help us to change our lives for the better and make choices that help us to live our best, happiest life.

When we live from a place of alignment we feel happier, healthier and at peace, which in turn ripples outwards to everyone we meet.

I see tarot and other types of card reading as a tool for empowerment and as a vehicle to get us in tune with our biggest superpower of all – our intuition. Intuition is something all of us have and all of us can learn to use for the betterment of our lives. All you need is a little time and patience.

At present as I work as a journalist for a national magazine. Part of my job involves writing my own tarot page where I get to answer reader’s questions on a weekly basis (I love it). I’m a qualified Usui Reiki Master, a Seicheim Master and have trained in Magnified Healing. I’m in the process of editing my first book (watch this space) and I play the violin. I’m an eight life path, an INFJ and a Sagittarian sun with a Scorpio moon and a Cancer ascendant.