Empress & Star is…

My little corner of the web where I share my writings on tarot, healing, the intuitive arts and more.

The name Empress & Star comes from the two cards in the Major Arcana of the Tarot – card three, The Empress and card seventeen, The Star. I find the energy of both of these cards incredibly inspirational and it’s the energy that I aspire to when I read for someone else or myself.

The Empress, to me, is all about learning how to accept and love yourself fully. She whispers to us that we’re already whole and that none of us are actually broken (although we may feel that way sometimes). I believe that the self-acceptance and self-compassion offered by the Empress is the basis on which we’re able to create the life of our dreams.

The Star, to me, is all about choosing to see the positive. Everything has a lesson, a brightness, some illumination within it, even the dark times. When we channel the Star in our lives, we’re in touch with that deep understanding. We can see the purpose of everything in our lives, even the pain. We see everything as our teacher and by doing this we can gain wisdom and transcend fears that previously held us back. The Star encourages us to chase our dreams and to live an empowered, aligned life.